Navigating the coaching ‘Chemistry Call’

‘How do I manage a chemistry call?’ is a question which often comes up in supervision.

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A chemistry call is often the first point of verbal contact between potential coach and coachee.

The coachee may well be speaking to a number of coaches to check for ‘best fit’. ‘Best fit’ can be anything from; price and affordability, availability, professionalism (e.g. does the coach have a supervisor, insurance, sector organisation membership etc) to a ‘sixth sense’ that the potential relationship feels comfortable/easy/safe.

For the coach, it can sometimes feel like an ‘interview’, so it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to ‘impress’ in some way; we might over promise or try to demo our skills for example. Some coaches offer a free taster session: although we did hear of a coachee who managed to achieve a full coaching series by calling in a number of free sessions with different coaches!

So – this is what we have noticed over the years, helps establish, a best shot chemistry call;

a) Know how to describe the role and what coaching means to you. share your ‘style’ (if you have one!).

b) Have all logistics to hand; costs, availability, venue, contracts, options

c) If the potential client is happy to share, check out what they hope to gain from the coaching. This helps ensure form fit e.g. someone may really be wanting a mentor.

d) Listen actively, reflect back, invite further questions – try to avoid drifting into coaching.

e) Be yourself and confident in your offer. Try not to be attached to the outcome. Explain what you do rather than ‘sell’ what you do!

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