The RD1st Coaching Course: Testimonials

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. The detailed exploration into self and the craft is intense, profound and life changing. I feel I’m ready to actually begin honing a craft with care, tools and skills and am leaving with an ongoing support team of fellow coaches. Emily Holt (Movement Facilitator) RDO5 Summer 2022

Do it! Such a high standard of training. You will get the best! Vourneen Ryan (Musician) RDO5 Summer 2022

The ability to coach effectively is a core transferable skill for any and all types of work but especially for leadership. This short course was an excellent use of my time and one of the most enjoyable and well-designed training courses I’ve ever undertaken. Sara Wajid (Co-CEO) RDO5 Summer 2022

Whether you want to be a professional coach or not, this course will truly transform how you interact with others, and yourself, and offer a new and incredibly supportive community to develop within. I want to do it all over again!  Lizzie Vogler (Freelance Producer and Executive Consultant) Summer 2022

It’s the best course I have ever done. Life-changing. A safe space to make mistakes and learn to be the best coach you can be. We were held and challenged. Coaching as an ethical practice is potentially world-changing and has magic in it. Tabatha Andrews (Artist & Educator) Spring 2022

This course is brilliant – challenging, active and mind-expanding in equal measures. Everyone would benefit from the learning and practice on offer and the self-awareness gained. I wish I’d taken it years ago. Emma Shepley (Curator) Spring 2022

It’s an intense but enjoyable experience in which you learn an incredible amount about yourself, as well as coaching and you’ll come out with some communication and relational skills that will be key tools for the rest of your life. I feel so much more aware of how I want to be in the world with others now, as if my brain has changed format slightly!  Kelly Large (Artist) Spring 2022

I think that this course has benefitted from so much fine-tuning, and you feel in safe hands. It is quite probably the best course I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a lot). Cath Ashby (Schools’ and Skills Development Manager – Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) Spring 2022

This course is a revelation. I’m not sure how anyone manages without it. Charlotte Bond (Programme Manager, Creative UK) Winter 2021/22

The course won’t just help you professionally, but will change the way you’re able to listen and reflect in your everyday life. It’s informative, interesting, challenging and expertly taught. You’ll come away with practical tools to help coach others, and a deeper understanding of yourself.  Luca Hussain (Programmes Manager) Winter 2021/22

This is the best and most personally fulfilling course I have ever done! I’ve learned so much more about myself and how to make decisions that help me move in the direction I want to go in. I feel confident about beginning to coach other people, including those I manage as well as paying clients.  Sushma Jansari (Curator) Winter 2021/22

This course has been one of the most powerful learning experiences I’ve ever done.  A really brilliant journey, which has been incredibly rich. I’m taking away so much, both personally and professionally, and had such a positive experience in doing this. It’s felt fantastic to stretch and grow through what I’ve learned. I would hugely recommend! Rukhsana Jahangir (Arts Manager) Winter 2021/22

I have really been on a journey through this course. Whilst building on my skills, I also just feel that I am a better person for doing it. I am more self aware, have better communication and a stronger ability to notice and deal with my emotional responses more effectively. Laurie Belgrave (Founder – The Chateau) Autumn 2021

A really great course to introduce you not only to coaching styles and principles, but also to yourself. A brilliant way to dive into coaching, and being coached, in a hugely warm and supportive environment.
Even if you don’t become a coach, the tools you learn are invaluable for everyday life, and communication. Jana Kennedy (Creative Communication facilitator) Autumn 2021

Do this coaching qualification if you want a life changing journey to develop your own inner coach, as well as an ability to coach others, as well as more generally a deeper ability to communicate. Leila Gamaz (Artist) Autumn 2021,

It’s a really excellent learning experience – well-planned, expertly delivered, challenging & satisfying. I really felt I got somewhere solid in a short period of time. It’ll give you more than you expect, and I bet you’ll find uses for the skills you learn that you couldn’t have imagined at the start. Lian Bell (Artist & Arts Manager) Autumn 2021

This course is a journey that takes you across wild and wonderful terrain. You encounter challenges, surprises, beautiful vistas and learn valuable lessons about yourself along the way. I can’t recommend it highly enough! Kamina Walton (Founder/Director, Rising Arts Agency) Spring 2021 Online.

(The course) is faultlessly delivered and crystal clear (even in a pandemic!). The skills are absolutely perfect for navigating work and life, the world would be a much better place if everyone did a RD1st course! Lucy Harvey (Visual artist, educator, director) Spring 2021 Online.

The RD1st Coaching course is an excellent coaching course for those looking to authentically engage in a form of coaching that is accessible, grounded in practise and real world application. It is ideal for leaders and those looking to imbed a coaching style into their work, leadership and practice.  Refilwe Nkomo (Artist/Curator/Community Organiser) Spring 2021 Online

An inspirational course – which can completely change the way you view human relationships. I learnt more about myself than I thought possible – and feel truly privileged to have discovered coaching as the key to unlock so much. Janine Downes (Service Development and Engagement Manager) Spring 2021 Online

I learnt so much more than I imagined I would on this course, it’s an incredibly thorough, astute, very well organized deep-dive into not just to coaching, but a whole landscape of skills around communication, listening, problem solving, leadership, and ultimately – our own self-development. It’s rare to feel that the learning you set out to do is completely surpassed by the learning you actually end up doing. I feel I’ve gone far more deeply into this subject that I anticipated I would, and I’d really put that down to the level of incredible skill, expertise and sensitively with which the course has been designed, organized and delivered. Rabab Ghazoul ( Director, Gentle/Radical) Autumn 2020 Online

I would recommend (this course) without hesitation for anyone looking to go deeper into coaching as a practice, whether they want to ultimately become a coach, or whether they’re interested in developing coaching in their work more broadly. Finally, as much as anything it was a profoundly personal and supportive learning experience, as much about myself as about coaching. Summer 2020 Online

This course has been so valuable to me – it’s already had a positive effect on my awareness and abilities around communication, leadership, listening and managing a team. The trainers are fantastic and my cohort have been amazing – I can’t recommend this course highly enough! Lucy Jamieson (Head of Programme, AMA) Summer 2020 Online

There’s been a lot of soul searching through this course and this has impacted me in the most positive sense both personally and professionally. I am a better listener in my interaction with others as well as myself. For a training course in the virtual space, I couldn’t ask for more.  Alia Alzougbi  (Head of Global Learning, London) Summer 2020 Online

The RD 1st Coaching course is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo transformative, challenging, empowering, brilliant and inspiring! This training has enabled me to help people to help themselves to shift blocks and transform their lives, which I have been drawn to doing for a long time and now have the tools with which to do so effectively.  Jodie Marks  (Artist, Designer + Coach)  Summer 2020 Online   

one of the most enlightening and useful courses I have done. If you are interested in developing your coaching practice and in leadership development then I would highly recommend this course. Emily Petty (Fundraising Consultant) Spring 2020

DO IT! RD1st is amazing. It’s intelligent, revealing, enthusing (is that a word?! – maybe exciting), challenging and rewarding.  Morag Small  (Director, Nethermiln Ltd) Spring 2020     

 I was unsure whether to undertake this on my maternity year – but would do it a thousand times over. The group and teaching has been so supportive and incredible – it’s opened brand new doors for me and I’m really excited about starting a long relationship with coaching. It’s expertly delivered.  RD1st coaching to me feels like ‘ethical’ coaching. Lizzy Maries (Communications Manager, PDSW) Spring 2020

It is unrealistic to put into words how much I have gained from doing the course, all I know is, I’d be in a very different place without it. Everyone should do it. Charlie Birtles. Autumn 2019.

The best investment for me I have ever made. Thank you. Jim Larter (Director). Autumn 2019

I have already recommended this course.  This is an excellent introduction to coaching – but, because it is immersive, detailed and deep – it feels like a really rigorous and transformational experience. Much more than just dipping your toes in the water! Emma Page (Writer) Autumn 2019

Should be compulsory learning! Thought provoking course which equips you with a raft of inspiring tools, lots of knowledge and the skills to get going with a very different way of being and communicating. Summer 2019

It brings you skills you didn’t know you had or needed and provides a safe safe to understand yourself better … challenging but, you will reap the rewards. Libby Ferguson (Senior Advisor – The Climate Group) Summer 2019

It’s a brilliant course. Wide ranging and impactful – it stretches you and opens whole new landscapes of perspective to explore. I think it’s an important course and I’d recommend to anyone.  Iain F Macleod (Writer) Spring 2019

Do it! It’s been fab – a safe and supportive learning environment with loads of great content delivered. Thank you.  Rowena Price (Marketing and Communications Consultant) Spring 2019

RD1st is an excellent course, full of variety, inquiry and playfulness. The breadth of scope within the coaching field is explored brilliantly.  Anna Rowlands (Bodyworker, facilitator and coach)  Autumn 2018

This course will bring a new dimension to your life, your work and all your interactions. If you are interested in living a more mindful and purposeful life, then do this course.  Felicity Hall (Company Director) Autumn 2018

A very exciting, fun, friendly thing to do … it’s a roller coaster that will throw your thoughts and feelings into the air!  John Kelly (Musician/Performing Artist) Autumn 2018

The course has been a wonderful experience – I have learn a lot and met some amazing people. I have new approaches to use in all areas of my life, a clearer understanding of who I am, and am better at listening and being still. Sophie Leighton (Curator) Summer 2018

Dynamic, empowering, enlightening programme that enriches & changes behaviour and thinking – and lives! Rosie Russell (Baroness of Creative Social Impact) Summer 2018

It has fundamentally changed my perspective on life and thus opened doors on my professional development. Peter Lewton-Brain (Vice President IADMS) Summer 2018

A solid, wide ranging and dynamic introduction to the fundamentals of performance coaching … just do it! Ken Blythin (Psychotherapist) Summer 2018

The course has revolutionised my practice and approach to leadership, inspiring me to be an active and supportive colleague, friend and member of a group. I have been completely overwhelmed by its impact. Alex Evans (Artist) RD/a-n Summer 2018.

If you want to find out about really human ways of being and talking and have most of what you think you know turned on its head in an extraordinary and amazing way, do this course! (Artist) RD/a-n Summer 2018

Excellent value for money. Intense but very rewarding… skills and tools useful for work but also for life in general. Life changing! Dominique De-light (Coach) RD/a-n Summer 2018

An exceptional course that will enrich every single aspect of your life. The content is thoughtful and challenging, it’s brilliantly paced and structured and the facilitators do a brilliant job of holding the space to explore some complex issues. It is impossible not to take something from this course that will help you improve your relationships – whether at work, in the world or at home. At best, it will change your life forever. Amardeep Kamboz (Project Manager) Spring 2018

This course is utterly transformational – personally and professionally. I have learnt skills and discovered new concepts which will stay with me throughout my career. Paul Fitzpatrick (Chief executive, Imaginate) Spring 2018

I found the course transformational. Learned skills and discovered so much about myself. It was an amazing experience alongside a wonderful and affirming group of people. Maxine (Project Manager) Spring 2018

Whether you want to take your first steps as a coach, work towards a coaching culture at work or be a better communicator at home and with friends, RD1st will give you the tools and expert guidance. A world-class team of facilitators create an exceptional and enjoyable learning experience. Petia Tzanova (Clore Leadership) Spring 2018

This course has been an incredible experience and has developed my skills as a coach to the point I now feel competent to go on and lead the development of a coaching culture in my organisation.  Janet Berry (Community Development Director, Oasis UK) Autumn 2017

Do it! You will look at the way you interact with the world, teach you a lot about yourself and equip you with practical skills for life and work. Nel Crouch (Theatre Director) Autumn 2017

Just do it. You won’t regret it!
Debs Butler (Relationship Manager, Arts Council) Summer 2017

A journey of self-discovery. I have connected/reconnected with my sense of self … I have increased resilience and am better able to navigate life and whatever it might throw at me.
Francesca McCarthy (Head of Performance) Summer 2017

I would recommend RD1st to anyone and everyone. The trainers have created a completely safe, open space. I have had deep personal insights … a reminder of what is really important in life … and great fun!
Sula Bruce (COO, UN Women NC, UK) Summer 2017

If you’re looking for coaching with soul, with an eclectic mix of peers, this is the one for you BUT be prepared for the unexpected!
Rachel Redfern (Artist, Facilitator and Coach) Summer 2017

An extraordinary opportunity to learn important, life changing relational dynamic skills that will improve most relationships.
Christopher John Bowser ( Business Analyst/Playwright) Summer 2017

A life changing experience. Hard to recommend enough.
Emily Speed (Artist) A-N Summer 2017

The learning and insight is transformative.
Caitlin Griffiths (Artist) A-N Summer 2017

I laughed, I cried, I learnt so many unexpected things … a generous and inspiring space for 16 artists to begin new journies with each other.
Anna (Artist, Educator, Organiser) A-N Summer 2017

I think the course should come with a life changing disclaimer!
Helen Lavery (Artist) A-N Summer 2017

This course is life/career changing. It enables you to develop yourself in your interaction with people and the world around you. It is brilliant.
Kate Webb (Lecturer and producer) Spring 2017

It has been the most transformative training – delivered with impeccable care and in a way that will continue to nourish development personally and professionally long after the course has finished.
Rachel Adam (Project Director) Spring 2017

It will revolutionise the way you communicate with others.
Claire Symonds (The Lowry) Spring 2017

Just do it! It’s worth every penny ten times over. The things you’ll learn are applicable in life, relationships, parenting and work. By far some of my most useful and impactful learning.
Sholeh Johnson. Spring 2017

Fantastic personal development opportunity – professional rocket fuel!
Lucy Duggan (Director – Light Box Productions) Summer 2016

Masterclass in alternative leadership (e.g. not ‘top down’) … this course should be a compulsory activity for all humans!
Samantha Holdsworth (Director – Clowns without Borders) Summer 2016

It has been invaluable – the most impactful training I have undertaken. My confidence has grown so much for me personally and as a manager and leader.
Lesley Ann Smith (Head of Education & Deputy CEO – Kent Music) Spring 2016

An opportunity to learn about yourself and others that will have a profound impact on your life.
Ellen Chambers (Dancers Career Development) Spring 2016

The RD1st Course is incredible value for money given the catalytic effect it can have on every aspect of your life. I feel it’s helped me to be at once more empowered and more empowering to those around me.
Dylan Haskins (Broadcaster and Producer) Spring 2016

If you are thinking about coaching and leadership for personal or professional reasons then there wont be a better course than this. The level of training and care for every participant is simply exceptional!
Fiona Stuart (Royal Northern College of Music) Autumn 2015

Give it a whirl. Be prepared to challenge yourself and your thinking – the rewards are priceless.
Sandra Shakespeare (The National Archives & Clore Fellow) Autumn 2015

What a fabulous experience. My thinking has developed in so many different directions and I come away a different and improving person, with new tools to use in my personal and professional life. Thought-provoking, challenging, enriching and enabling.
Moya Malekin (Deputy Director, Camden Arts Centre) Autumn 2015

Do it! You will learn, you will have fun, and you will know yourself better. It’s a wonderfully led and imagined course. Your learning is held brilliantly.
Sam Ruddock (Clore Fellow) Summer 2015

This course will be one of the best investments in your professional development that you will make.
Emmie Kell (CEO Cornwall Museums Partnership & Clore Fellow) Summer 2015

If you think the world can be a better place – do this course. You’ll find the solutions that are right for you here!
Emma Ridgway (Curator & Clore Fellow) Summer 2015

Strong, emotive, professional course which provides a brilliant tool kit for coaching.
Helen Watson (Director Exhibition & Collections, Lakeland Arts) Spring 2015

This course really makes you think – as well as teach you how to help others to think. My self-awareness has grown much more than I would have ever imagined.
James McQuaid (Heritage Consultant) Spring 2015

One of the best courses I have ever attended. A truly transformational experience; a thorough and rigorous course that will challenge and inspire you in equal measure.
Sarah Modley (Head of Development, Royal Scottish National Orchestra) Spring 2015

The RD1st course is a life affirming, life-changing eight days. It not only furnishes you with the skills and tools to become an accredited coach, it also helps you increase your self-awareness. A nourishing, supportive environment in which to learn and grow.
Nicky Marr (Writer, broadcaster, Event Host) Spring 2015

I can’t recommend this course highly enough for those interested in developing a coaching culture in the workplace.
Nathalie Walters (Clore Social Fellow & Chief Exec. of Safe and Sound, Derby). Spring 2015

It has been an invaluable training programme that has given me the inspiration and tools to implement a coaching ethos across the full range of teams that I manage.
Mary Oliver (Head of Media, Manchester Metropolitan University) Autumn 2014

This course is fantastic for developing a greater understanding of self, others and applying to life and work to dramatic effect!
Kyla Booth-Lucking (Coach, Producer & Trainer) Autumn 2014

I have already recommended this course, I said ‘If you are interested in coaching then I expect you won’t find a better course!’
Penny Skerrett (Artist) Autumn 2014

The course represents a rare opportunity to get to know yourself a lot better and to learn a set of skills that will add value to all your relationships
Bethia McNeil (Clore Social Fellow) Summer 2014

This course has the potential to change the way you think and handle your relationships either at work or in your life and change the way you communicate forever!
Frazer Hoyle (Area General Manager – ATG) Summer 2014

It will change your approach to many things in your life. It’s a very powerful set of tools and philosophy.
Amy Golding (Artistic Director – Curious Monkey) Summer 2014

It’s fantastic. It allows you to develop key skills for use in personal life and professionally. I’m a changed person.
Penny Sexton (Curator & Clore Fellow) Summer 2014

Do it! It is an incredible learning journey. It has transformed how I think about my life and work.
Richard Whitelaw (Head of Programmes – Sound & Music) Spring 2014

This course provides a major boost to your emotional intelligence and listening skills that will cascade across your personal and professional life, bringing very positive changes.
Laura McDermott (Director – Fierce Festival) Spring 2014

The skills, structure and approach are incredibly empowering. Do it – it’s life changing. The best course I have ever done.
Roma Backhouse (Clore Fellow) Autumn 2013

There is much more to coaching than meets the eye. Be prepared to learn as much about yourself as about your new skills.
Greg Jauncy (HR & Training Manager – The Royal Opera House) Autumn 2013

Life changing and supportive. Teaches important skills for everyday life and positive working relationships.
Catherine Amor (Senior Clinical Tutor) Autumn 2013

The facilitators are wonderful – never have I experienced such a consistent, joyful, safe, curious and stretching space. It has been profoundly affirming and given me deep, and I believe, long lasting learning.
Kathy Cremin (Hive Co-operative) Autumn 2013

I would say as a leader you can’t afford not to do this course. It enables resilience and clarifies your thinking and approaches. Quite life changing!
Alex Murdoch (Artistic Director) Summer 2013

The best training I’ve ever attended. The result? I’m more myself. Thank you.
John Orna-Ornstein (Director of Museums, Arts Council England) Summer 2013

This is the single most useful training I’ve done through my (leadership fellowship) and it’s given me skills and insight which I will use every day.
Liz Girling (Heritage Consortium Fellow CLP) Summer 2013

A brilliantly transparent, accessible and de-mystifying approach to coaching and the associated tool kits – low on buzz words and high on impact!
Anna Higgs (Commissioning Executive, Film4)

Whether a collaborative artist, business leader or educationalist, this course will enhance your effectiveness to move forward and your ability to support others in their self-directed learning. The course is as practical as it is inspirational! It was remarkable how all participants noted a positive impact on their personal relationships too.
Caroline Salem (Choreographer and Mentor)

This course has been the best use of Clore resources I can think of – I will take the skills forward with vigour and determination, and believe it has taught me that coaching and leadership are inextricably linked. It will transform my leadership.
Emily Gottlieb (Consortium supported Performing Arts Fellow Clore 2012/13)

I intend to recommend this course – it will take you further than you can imagine!
Alison Gagen (Relationship Manager, Theatre – Arts Council)

It is a great opportunity to refresh your approach to your work and your life, and find new meaning in both!
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

There are so many aspects of this course – it is life changing in a very profound and hugely enjoyable way.
Bettina Linstrum (Creative Producer)

It is a fantastic course for developing practical skills. It is intense and hard work and requires a lot of yourself, but this is worthwhile effort.
Richard (Clinical Psychologist)

The course is both life changing and life affirming providing a number of skills that can be utilised in so many different situations and environments.
Gillian Gourlay (National Theatre of Scotland – Learning & Outreach Manager)

There is a streak of integrity that runs through this course like seaside rock. It is rigorous, thorough training if you want to be a coach or indeed, a better, more considered and effective person.
Samenua Sesher (Writer & Coach)

The course is inspirational, down to earth and life affirming. (The facilitators) are absolutely brilliant. Inspiring, intellectually rigorous, great role models with energy and humour. Focused and clear – a great balance between practical work, listening, self-reflection and sharing.
Kate Chapman (Producer)

Amazing! In many ways I have a renewed energy for management and leadership. Gives you the ability to really ‘hear’ for the first time.
David Wilson (Chief Executive & Clore 8 Fellow)

The RD1st course provides a solid foundation to allow you to springboard into your own personal reflection of coaching, leadership and culture. (The facilitators are) fantastic!
Linda Green (Development Executive BBC)

Do it! – it’s transformational in a way which feels light and tangible. Energising and motivational. It has improved my communication skills and confidence and I’m already using the skills in my work.
Emily Wilkinson (Artist & Coach)

(The course is) transformative, practical, useful and generally fantastic. Massively influential on my way of being with people, in and out of work.
Jo Black (Clinical Tutor)

The course has given me insight into my own approaches to work, life and interacting. It isn’t a course just about coaching, but about thinking, listening & empathy in everyday life: invaluable to anyone.
Charlie Morrison (Head of Operations & Clore Fellow)

The course offers new insights into essential leadership skills – active listening, empowerment and leading alongside, with and behind.
Anne Bonnar (Consultant) Life transforming.

I now have skills I will use for the rest of my life. I understand myself better and I have found something I feel passionate about – the potential of coaching to make better, more productive work environments.
Claire Hodgson (CEO Diverse City)

A challenging exploration in how to give others a voice, this course is immensely practical and enjoyable. It gives skills and confidence in communication for individuals and organisations.
Sue Mitchell (Charity Director)

This is an excellent course for anyone looking to lead and communicate with others more effectively. It’s a great opportunity for both professional and personal development and to make transformations in both areas.
Jan Kofi-Tsekpo (Relationship Manager – Diversity in Arts Practice)

For someone who has been operating at a senior level for some time, this is a rich and rigorous experience. You can’t fail to take away new approaches and practical techniques to improve performance – and it was fun! It’s been the keystone to what feels like a monumental shift in my life. The facilitators are two of the most inspirational and generous women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. What I have learned will have a long lasting positive impact on my life and others too.
Emma Haughton (Coach, Creative Advisor, Producer)

The course has provided several ‘light-bulb’ moments to support my development as a coach. A fantastic introduction to coaching – the approach of the facilitators sets it apart and above more commercial organisations.
Jane Hughes (Zest Coaching)

You not only gain a valuable qualification, you will pick up skills you can use throughout your life and gain valuable insights about yourself. And make great friends! This course has really helped me when facilitating large groups. A coaching style is very powerful.
Jane Clancey (Head of Brand Strategy – BBC)

This has been the best in-depth training I’ve received for years. Thorough, detailed insight into a range of coaching styles and techniques in an extremely supportive and relaxed atmosphere. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. Thank you.
Mark Labrow (Creative Facilitator)

This course is full on. Skills, skills, skills and a massive impact on every aspect of my own professional practice.
Michelé Taylor (Trainer, Coach & Facilitator)

I’ve already recommended this course! I would say it is one of the best and most sensitively run courses I’ve ever been on (and I’ve been on loads!). The perfect balance between learning loads and being transformed by the process – quite magical!
Elaine Burke (Freelance Arts Manager & Consultant)

This has been one of the most challenging yet fulfilling experiences of my life.
Alison Turnbull (Head of Research & Standards)

RD6 has had a huge impact on my relationships and interpersonal skills. I have re-learnt how to listen, how to tackle difficult situations … how to consider my intentions and how to help others find their own solutions.
Kate Fellows (Learning Manager – Leeds Museums and Galleries)

Brilliant facilitation – they created a trusting and safe environment. This course is a fantastic opportunity to think about your self-awareness and interaction with other people; without feeling self-indulgent, pretentious or judged.
Gill Hart (Clore Fellow)

An essential training for anyone who hopes to support others in clarifying their thoughts or achieving their goals – with the side effect of unlocking your own potential too.
Lisa Craddock (FCD Programme & Professional Development Manager)

The course has made a valuable contribution – both personally and professionally. It is positive and rewarding – all CEO’s need to get on board!
Ken Smith (KWS Consulting)

The course offers a range of powerful insights and tools to improve how you get the best out of others and yourself. It’s shifted my thinking and approach … essential experience for anyone leading in the arts, in any role.
Claire Antrobus (Independent Arts Consultant & NESTA Clore Fellow 09/10)

Deeply relevant to anyone seeking to create a context for positive change.
Jay Haigh (Interim Manager – Pioneer Projects)

It’s improved my self-awareness and in turn my confidence. I will certainly bring these techniques into my management and leadership style.
Joanna Rowlands (Arts Marketing & Communications Consultant)

Highly thought provoking, inspiring and life-changing course.
Anisa Saleh (Coach & Facilitator)

If your work involves dialogue with people then you can’t afford not to do this course. Claire Eddleston-Rose (Arts Council England Relationship Manager)

A greater awareness of my own values. A deeper understanding of my personal emotional intelligence. A huge variety of practical models for exploring reaching goals and potential. Tools which I will use every day in personal and professional contexts. A transformational, life-changing course. It was thorough in content and rigorous in assessment.
Lesa Dryburgh – (NW Clore Fellow 07/08)

All I can say is – thanks so much for a really stunning course. The diversity and richness of content was superb and made it completely relevant for future application in so many ways. It was an incredible experience – one which none of us will forget, and one which has made us all think twice and three times about some pretty important stuff.
Ruth Churchill-Dower (Director – Earlyarts)

The RD1st course was exactly what I needed – a mix of models, practice, reflection and discussion. I had full confidence in the facilitators and particularly appreciated the different contributions and style each brought to the course. Gave me time to reflect on my own style, values & communication skills which greatly raised my self-awareness. This has impacted on the ways I relate to people both personally and professionally. I am able to make decisions and conduct relationships with much more clarity and ease!
Anne-Marie Logan (Director – Panda Arts)

Learning how to coach has helped make sense of so many aspects of thinking and doing. It has been fascinating on a philosophical level and relevant on a practical level. It has stimulated new interests and has refreshed my desire to read and learn more. It has been expertly facilitated in a friendly, honest and fun atmosphere.
Kate Whitmarsh – Creative Producer (Clore Fellow).

If you are open on going on a journey, personally and professionally, this course offers insights and techniques and is solution orientated – RD has accelerated my development enormously.
Jean Cameron (Producer Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art)

An excellent course – does what it says on the tin. You were great and your skills excellent – and I’m fussy!
Ruth Sacks (Organisation Development Consultant & Coach)

This course gives you everything you need to begin working as a coach and also gives the space to explore how coaching skills can impact on leadership and life skills. It’s specifically relevant to anyone working in the creative sector. Highly recommended.
Jenny Wilson (Consultant, Producer, Facilitator, Artist)

It’s been fantastic – very good for helping me to understand how and why I do things and to make some significant changes in my life. It’s excellent – quite possibly the best course I have ever been on!
Louise Govier (Clore Fellow 08/09)

Thanks very much – this is the best course I’ve ever done.
Hassina Khan (Professional Learning Manager – CCE)

The course was well structured – a fantastic learning journey. I feel an inner resource – a flow to a way of working and living, being and doing, can now be drawn upon. I have the courage to dream and make moves to what I want. Thank you.
Erinma Ochu (Consultant)

I thought the course was excellently run – well paced with a good mix of practical and theoretical exercises/discussions. Both trainers were excellent and very supportive. I’d like to thank you for one of the best courses I’ve been on.
Hazel Marshall (Trainer – BBC)

Be prepared to be challenged in a wonderful way on many levels!
Rachel Liggit (Education & Training Co-ordinator)

An insightful learning experience with real opportunities to be coached and coach. The course has increased my self-awareness and strengthened my practice and improved communication skills.
Vicki McCorkell (Artist Development Co-ordinator)

I have been able to explore, in depth how coaching and effective leadership are intertwined and the potential coaching cultures can have on the workplace. The course has enabled me to learn more about myself as a person and leader.
Christopher Stafford (Theatre Producer/Clore Fellow)

Lancaster is lovely. Relational Dynamics is radical. Coaching is the way forward for the cultural sector. This has been life changing.
Ros Fry (Director AMONITE, Cultural Leadership Programme UK).

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