RD1st Action Learning (In-house)

This course is for people who already have some experience of coaching (for example via our half or one day Introduction workshops) and provides an opportunity to practice and refine coaching skills through the RD1st, simplified version of Action Learning. We also explore the role of the facilitator in action learning and explore how to create and facilitate your own sets.

By the end of the day participants will have:

Recapped and practised core coaching skills.

Developed an understanding of the origins, principles, uses and practices of RD1st Action Learning.

Practised several ‘rounds’ of RD1st Action Learning, with several participants having the opportunity to facilitate a set.

Explored how to set up their own RD1st Action Learning set.

There is a mixture of training, practice of skills and reflective sessions, as well as discussions about the use and application of the skills and tools.

Format: 1 day

Level: For those with some experience of coaching – this is an ideal next step after our One Day Introduction to Coaching Skills course.

Recent participant feedback:

‘This course is invaluable. I can’t wait to put what I have learned into action and to see how it can support friends and colleagues. I can already see future benefits for myself and others.’

‘Absolutely take the time to do this course – builds confidence, see immediate benefit, very practical.’

‘It is a great course for managers who might be looking to refresh their approach and especially coming from a small organization context as these tools can empower individuals and help work together to resolve issues collectively.’

‘Brilliant way to build on coaching skills and explore ways to take them forward to benefit workplace and beyond.’

‘A great way to freshen up your coaching skills and listening skills and fab intro to Action Learning.’

‘An excellent, thought-provoking and valuable day’

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