Two Day Introduction to Coaching (In-house)

This in-house course has been designed for those wishing to enhance leadership skills and/or to use coaching to improve collaborative working, communication and professional relationships.

It combines two of our one-day courses (Coaching Skills for Leadership and Group Coaching) programmed 4-6 weeks apart with paired coaching practice in between the two workshops, enabling participants to explore, extend and refine their skills between training sessions.  The training style encourages discussion and participants practice techniques through a series of exercises during the courses. 

Topics explored on Day 1 of the training include:

Foundation coaching skills: philosophy and application

The GROW model of coaching

Group coaching (using a simplified Action Learning model)

Coaching cultures and a coaching style of leadership

Day two revisits core coaching skills before exploring in greater depth, through practical sessions, group coaching and facilitation of group sessions. It is highly interactive with participants primarily learning through practice and reflection, guided by trainer-facilitators.

The course is accompanied by a small, practical manual.

Format: 2 x 1 day.

Location and dates: currently in-house only.

Level: Introductory. No prior experience required.

Cost: Contact us for a quote.

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