One Day Coaching Skills for Leadership

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This one day introduction course has been designed for those wishing to enhance leadership skills and/or to use coaching to improve collaborative working, communication and professional relationships.

A coaching skill set can be readily applied to those interested in the concept of shared leadership and collective responsibility. A coaching style of leadership is about learning not to lead in the traditional sense but more to facilitate others to come up with their own solutions. In this respect, the leader holds more questions than answers and aims to develop the problem-solving muscle of teams rather than being the one who solves the problems. A coaching style of leadership provokes, coaches and guides meaningful, investigative learning and problem-solving processes.

The training style encourages discussion and participants practice techniques through a series of exercises during the courses. 

Topics explored in the training include:

Foundation coaching skills: philosophy and application

The GROW model of coaching

Group coaching (using a simplified Action Learning model)

Coaching cultures and a coaching style of leadership

The course is accompanied by a small, practical manual.

Previous participants include artists, theatre directors, curators, managers, freelance consultants, teachers, charity sector professionals, communication officers, dance artists and many more…

Format: 1 day (face2face or online)

Level: Introductory. No prior experience required.

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Recent participant feedback:

‘It provides a real alternative approach to conventional leadership.’

‘I feel very inspired after today and eager to find ways to put what I’ve learned into practice.’

‘thought provoking and challenging’

‘An excellent introduction to a different way of thinking.’

‘It’s brilliant. Quite transformative.’

‘It’s relevant, applicable, tangible.’ 

‘Very useful in developing communication skills and empowering confidence in your own leadership ability.’

‘A fantastic introduction to an ethos that changes how we understand ourselves and interact with others for the better. Also you gain key tools, techniques and understanding to put that into practice.’

‘Clear, concise and practical information that you can use and adapt to your needs.’

‘Great opportunity to reflect on your management approach and sharpen skills around how you interact.’

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