RD1st Health Coaching Programme

Are you a Health Professional who’s keen to help patients take back responsibility for their own health?

Do you want to take your consultation skills up to the next level?

Perhaps you’d like to encourage deeper reflection in your trainees or appraisees?

Or is Quality Improvement currently a focus for your practice?

Maybe you’re relying on a consultation style that you moulded many years ago?

Imagine the impact of a more empowering style.

What is it?

The RD1st Health Coaching Programme is a two day intensive course designed specifically for doctors and other health professionals. The programme contains dynamic training in both coaching & other contemporary communication tools. These skills can and do bring a fresh approach to the complexities of work and life.

Perhaps you’ve heard colleagues talk about coaching or have even had some introductory training yourself?

Coaching provokes & guides meaningful problem-solving in a way that facilitates others to come up with their own solutions. Our aim is to help build the problem-solving muscle of those we engage with, rather than carrying the constant pressure of providing all the solutions.

How might this relate to Health?

“Doing things to other people instead of with them can be profoundly disempowering. It encourages patients to believe that professionals have all the answers and that they themselves lack relevant knowledge and skills, and hence have no legitimate role to play in decisions about their healthcare. Paternalism breeds dependency, encourages passivity, and undermines people’s capacity to look after themselves. It may appear benign, comfortable and reassuring but it is a hazard to health.” Angela Coulter, “Engaging Patients in Healthcare” 2011.

Coaching is being used more and more within healthcare. When coaching our patients, we enter into a radical partnership with them, and help them find their own, most ideal, ways forward. This opens up a valuable opportunity for each person to make positive steps towards wellbeing in a way that makes most sense to them.

Health Coaching has a growing evidence base on its efficacy for real change. Of equal importance, use of these tools can also generate softer outcomes, like work satisfaction & professional resilience.

Outside of the consultation room, a Coaching Approach can transform how we move forward in the arenas of Education & Team Leadership. When using Coaching Methods, we empower others to find clarity & drive innovation, be they our patients, our trainees, or our team.

How does this work?

A “Coaching Approach” is built on our attitudes, our skillset and how we ask our questions.

Through the creation of an authentic partnership and with an appreciation that people can be immensely resourceful, we create an environment where we can use coaching-style questions. These powerful questions open up “fresh thinking”, so that patients can find new ways to approach old issues.

In the clinical setting, this builds patient engagement, health confidence and reduces service-dependency. We can help our patients get to the root of what’s really getting in the way of a healthier & happier life. This can be especially useful when someone feels stuck or has resistance to change.

Of course, as Doctors & allied Health Professionals, we still need to bring our knowledge and experience to the table. But by doing so in a coaching style, we can help strengthen our patients’ sense of autonomy.

Who is this for?

“RD1st Health Coaching Programme” has been designed specifically for Doctors & Health Professionals and is suitable for any member of the team whose aim is to enable their patients to make real and positive changes to their health.

It will also be useful for anyone who has involvement with Quality Improvement, has managerial responsibility or who would like to develop their Leadership skills. Coaching is now recognised as key to healthy leadership within business. Organisations and teams that generate a coaching culture are innovative, dynamic & more enjoyable places to work.

This course would also benefit GP Trainers, Medical Educators and Appraisers. Coaching methods can transform an educational landscape, encouraging deeper reflection in challenging areas and empowering the trainee/ appraisee to work out their own solutions.

No prior experience in coaching skills is necessary for this course: it is both suitable for complete beginners and those who have previously done introductory half/full days.

What can I expect?

This highly interactive and practical course covers:

  • Core Coaching Principles
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Managing Difficult Conversations & Managing Conflict (NVC)
  • Building Trust
  • Cultivating our Emotional Intelligence
  • Working with Limiting Beliefs
  • Coaching approach in Teamwork, Leadership & Organisational Culture.

We place a strong emphasis on how to apply these skills within a “10 minute consultation.”

This course draws together tried and tested RD1st material and is developed and co-delivered by RD1st coach and GP, Dr Bronya Gorney and RD1st coach and trainer, Emma Haughton.

Format: A two day course

Day 1: Monday 23rd September 2019

Day 2:  Monday 7th October 2019

Equivalent to 17 hours CPD


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