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Approach & Outcomes
Through the inherent course process of coaching others and being coached, greater self-awareness is achieved through an exploration of goals, beliefs, values, emotional intelligence and your relational dynamics with others

Good practice is identified through the critical function of the group as an action learning exchange

Current theories are presented to be discussed, debated and explored

Skills are acquired and rehearsed

Challenge is valued as is creativity

The course is highly interactive


Accreditation is awarded by Culture at Work (CAW). CAW is an approved ILM Centre and recognises the RD1st Course to be an ILM Level 7, course equivalent. If you decide to take the accreditation option, you will be required to achieve the following: 


Written submissions
  • A comprehensive case study
  • A discourse on a specific topic relating to coaching and leadership

Practice Hours
  • A proven delivery of a series of coaching sessions
  • A proven experience of being coached

'Live' Assessment
  • You will be assessed whilst coaching another person